Oh! I just joined a Norwegian auction site, QXL, a la eBay, in order to find more Sissel junk! They have a whole bunch of dishes with the pattern name of "Sissel," I guess, but I'm looking for Sissel music and memorabilia. But there's one rare CD on here that I'm going to bid on.

Oh my! This seller has all sorts of rare promo CDs by all my favorite Norwegian bands. eep!!

*spends lots of money @ QXL*

Maybe I should buy this cute VW!

POOP! They don't seem to have an automatic search feature that emails me when new Sissel items are added, like eBay.
I don't want to check this QXL every day! :P

I think I found where to do it. *maybe* At eBay you can do it right from the Advanced Search page, but not on this site. Here you have to go to your account and add a "notice."

Hurrah, they're "detective" will now search for Sissel shizz for me!! ;)

If you want to bid on more than 2 items at once or sell, you have to have your post address confirmed,
but international users are not allowed to have their address confirmed. Hopefully, there isn't a flood of Sissel product on here that I am unable to bid on! ;) hehe I doubt it, though. There are only 2 Sissel items on there currently, if you don't count the dishes.


The History of Marriage

The religious right says marriage is a "sacred union" and other right-wingers like to claim marriage is a religious institution and therefore it ought not be open to gay people.

It's too late to be arguing that marriage is a religious ceremony only. If one wanted to make that argument, one ought to have made it when this country was founded. Civil marriage has been a component of America since the colonists passed laws allowing it.

In actuality, civil marriages predate religious marriages. The first official marriages (approximately 527 A.D. as codified by the Justinian lawyers) were civil marriages among wealthy Romans which had nothing to do with religion.

It wasn't until the ninth century that the church was involved in any capacity in marriage. From this time until the 12th century church involvement only consisted of blessings and prayers during the marriage ceremony. Around the 12th century, priests began to involve an agreement made in their presence during the marriage ceremony.

English weddings in the 13th century among the upper class became religious events but the church only blessed the marriage and did not want to be too involved in the actual ceremony or have any legal commitment. It wasn't until 1563 when the Council of Trent required that Catholic marriages be celebrated at a Catholic church by a priest and before two witnesses. And it took up until the eighteenth century before the wedding was a religious event in all countries of Europe.

In Colonial times in North America the customs of the old countries were followed. However, there were some who only wanted a civil ceremony and not a religious ceremony. The colonists who wanted civil marriages passed laws to this affect.

At the end of the eighteenth century both religious and civil marriage ceremonies were legal in America. One cannot argue that marriage is a religious institution only and thus should not be an option for gay people since it has always existed in civil form in this country and thus marriage has to be allowed for gay people as it is for straight people according to the U.S. constitution.

Religious institutions which do not support same-sex marriages should not be forced to offer them, but those religious institutions which do support gay marriage should be allowed to offer gay marriages and there definitely ought to be civil marriages for gay people. Because the traditional form of marriage is civil, not religious.


I make me laugh :)

[11:37] ProvoCycl*st: should i get a domokun plush?
[11:38] StenarHome: What the heck is that?
[11:38] StenarHome: It's something scary and Japanese, isn't it?
ProvoCycl*st: lol
[11:38] StenarHome: Is it that brown poop with a big red mouth you have as your icon?
ProvoCycl*st: LOL, yeah
[11:38] StenarHome: :)
[11:38] StenarHome: You don't need to buy one.
[11:39] StenarHome: Just pluck a poop log out of the toilet and put a big red mouth on it and you'll have your very own domokun creation.
[11:39] StenarHome: ;)
ProvoCycl*st: LOL
ProvoCycl*st: ewwwy!
[11:39] StenarHome: You'd love it as if it were your own child!

Hatch is a nutcake!

I was just listening to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) being interviewed on KCPW...
He was complaining about the "nutcakes" protesting Bush during his recent visit to Utah...

He said he was in the LIMO with the Bushster leaving the Salty Palace with Laura's Bush and the Gov and his bush...

And he was shockimified to see hundreds of people lining the streets outside the Palace of Salt giving the Bushes the finger.

I was so proud of my fellow Utahns.

I ♥ Utahns giving Bush the finger.

I was so worried that while Bush was here, he would be protected from all the protestors and not see any of it.
So, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he saw people giving him the finger. HURRAH!!! :)

Although, actually.... just because Hatch saw the finger, doesn't mean Bush actually did.
I bet everyone in the LIMO was like...
Oh, Bushie!! Look up there!!
Look through the sunroof! There's a flying pink elephant!
DON'T look at the street!!
And he strained for many minutes trying to see the flying pink elephant out the sunroof.
...until they had passed all the protestors.

Anyway, Orrin Hatch is a nutcake.