Caprica - the Apple vs Microsoft fight lives on

Am I the only one to notice the Apple versus Microsoft connection in the new Caprica pilot? No one else seems to have mentioned it.

First, there's Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz) who is very much a Bill Gates-ian type of character heading up a massive I.T. company who lives in a huge modern mansion on the shores of what is likely somewhere in Vancouver, but could as easily be in the Seattle area. He's going to become the show's antagonist.

Graystone steals from his main rival a very important piece of technology and steals key programming from his own daughter, much like Bill Gates stole the Apple system and made a cheap, upside down, backwards copy of it, we all know and despise called Windows.

The protagonists in Caprica are led by Graystone's daughter who has joined a monotheistic cult, following the one true god. The symbol of this cult is an infinite loop, which as any Apple fanboy can tell you is an unspoken symbol of Apple, Inc. as the address of Apple's headquarters is 1 Infinite Loop.

At the end of Caprica, we see Graystone's daughter (or what's left of her) trick her father by faking a collapse and later escaping with the technology he's misappropriated.

So, in the end Caprica boils down to a contest between Graystone's massive I.T. company, with military contracts and a majority standing with the population of Caprica and the followers of the one true god who "think different-ly" than the rest of society.