Racism? Really??

I'm getting really tired of Barack Obama claiming anyone who is against him is a racist. The latest, Geraldine Ferraro being called a racist by the Obama campaign. Obama’s campaign has been called a “historical candidacy” not by Ferraro, but by Obama’s own campaign. All she said was it wasn’t historical because he was a man from Illinois. Obviously it’s historical because he’s the first credible African American candidate for president. Obama’s wife Michelle made the ridiculous comment that she’d NEVER been proud of her country until now. Why now? Because people are turning out to vote for a MAN from Illinois? No, because he happens to be an African American man. Obviously, by the same stroke, Michelle Obama is a racist.


Hillary Wins Big

Hillary Clinton has won the biggest states and all of the "bellweather" states that are so important in a general election. Obama has cobbled together wins in places like Iowa and Vermont. For the good of the party, Obama should quit now and agree to be Hillary's VP (if anything).


Obama Love?

Barack Obama does NOT have as wide appeal as the mainstream media tries to make it seem. If he had as much appeal and momentum as they like to claim, he’d be up much more than 92 delegates. Obama is only 0.07% ahead of Clinton at this point. Calls from "journalists" in the mainstream media for Hillary to end her campaign now are very, VERY premature.

Hillary Clinton will not end her campaign this week. Sorry haters.

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