Oh! I just joined a Norwegian auction site, QXL, a la eBay, in order to find more Sissel junk! They have a whole bunch of dishes with the pattern name of "Sissel," I guess, but I'm looking for Sissel music and memorabilia. But there's one rare CD on here that I'm going to bid on.

Oh my! This seller has all sorts of rare promo CDs by all my favorite Norwegian bands. eep!!

*spends lots of money @ QXL*

Maybe I should buy this cute VW!

POOP! They don't seem to have an automatic search feature that emails me when new Sissel items are added, like eBay.
I don't want to check this QXL every day! :P

I think I found where to do it. *maybe* At eBay you can do it right from the Advanced Search page, but not on this site. Here you have to go to your account and add a "notice."

Hurrah, they're "detective" will now search for Sissel shizz for me!! ;)

If you want to bid on more than 2 items at once or sell, you have to have your post address confirmed,
but international users are not allowed to have their address confirmed. Hopefully, there isn't a flood of Sissel product on here that I am unable to bid on! ;) hehe I doubt it, though. There are only 2 Sissel items on there currently, if you don't count the dishes.


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