Shawn: My mother just feels misunderstood.
Me: No, we understand her clearly. That's the problem.

Shawn: I wonder what that Qwest guy is doing in our neighborhood.
Me: He's on a quest.


Mormons Make Me Want to Puke

PUKE! Mormons makes me want to puke.

My nephew on his Mormon mission in Germany just wrote an email to his parents:
Well, I am happy that Grandpa is in a better place as well. I agree with you… with some people, you can just sense their testimony, even if they haven’t always lived like they had one. I felt that way about Grandma Gummy as well. Even though she wasn’t active, I always had the feeling that she did have a testimony of the truth. Grandpa is certainly very happy now, even though we miss him. Grandpa will get to see his parents, grandparents, and other he knew. He will be with his son again as well. I’m sure Johnny will be very happy to see him. I seem to remember Grandpa mentioning once that Johnny would always come to him when he came home. I think that Johnny did that again when Grandpa came home. I know that it was a joyous reunion, and it will be a joyous reunion for us as well, when our time comes.

That is just wrong on so many levels. Least of which is, even if there is life after this one--which I rather doubt lately, my father does not deserve to see Johnny again.

I need to go throw up now.