Hatch is a nutcake!

I was just listening to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) being interviewed on KCPW...
He was complaining about the "nutcakes" protesting Bush during his recent visit to Utah...

He said he was in the LIMO with the Bushster leaving the Salty Palace with Laura's Bush and the Gov and his bush...

And he was shockimified to see hundreds of people lining the streets outside the Palace of Salt giving the Bushes the finger.

I was so proud of my fellow Utahns.

I ♥ Utahns giving Bush the finger.

I was so worried that while Bush was here, he would be protected from all the protestors and not see any of it.
So, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he saw people giving him the finger. HURRAH!!! :)

Although, actually.... just because Hatch saw the finger, doesn't mean Bush actually did.
I bet everyone in the LIMO was like...
Oh, Bushie!! Look up there!!
Look through the sunroof! There's a flying pink elephant!
DON'T look at the street!!
And he strained for many minutes trying to see the flying pink elephant out the sunroof.
...until they had passed all the protestors.

Anyway, Orrin Hatch is a nutcake.


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