Mormons Can't Do That!

I was reviewing the stats of my various websites and blogs today and I noticed someone found my blog by searching google for the phrase: "is it okay for mormons to have phone sex." I'm not quite sure how they found my blog with that phrase since my blog has never discussed phone sex.
My knee-jerk reaction was to think "Hell no! Mormons can't do that." But after thinking about it for a minute, I suppose it depends. If you're married and the person you're having phone sex with is your spouse, then I guess you could have phone sex, but with Bush and Dick listening to all your calls, would you really want to?
But if you're unmarried or the person with whom you're having phone sex is not your spouse, then dear readers, the answer would be no, Mormons can't do that.

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Precipitous Withdrawal

I was listening to NPR on the drive home from work this afternoon and heard Pres. Bush say, "I hope the Democratic leadership will drop their unreasonable demand for a precipitous withdrawal" [of troops from the war in Iraq].
I wonder if Bush even knows what the word "precipitous" means. I bet he doesn't. I think some speech writer wrote that and he has no idea what he's saying.

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