Is cleaning rocket science?

OMG! I didn't know cleaning was so difficult.
There's this handyman sorta guy at work who just had some of his crew come into our office and wipe off the tops of the cubicles that are very dusty. We have a regular cleaning crew that comes in every night, but they don't actually seem to clean ANYTHING.

It seems that the handyman had to go into rather lengthy detail to tell his crew how to wipe off the dusty tops.
And one of the guys was like "I don't get it."
He replied, "There's nothing to get, just wipe off the tops of the cubicles... " and then proceeded to go into a lengthy description of how they should spray the cleaner on their rag first, etc. Complicated stuff!!

GRRR!!! He specifically told the guys to only wipe the cubicles that were empty and come back later when we weren't here to wipe the occupied ones...
But the guy just wiped my cubicle 3 times and now I'm breathing dust and cleaner smell.
AND he knocked off my Sissel poster! :P