I make me laugh :)

[11:37] ProvoCycl*st: should i get a domokun plush?
[11:38] StenarHome: What the heck is that?
[11:38] StenarHome: It's something scary and Japanese, isn't it?
ProvoCycl*st: lol
[11:38] StenarHome: Is it that brown poop with a big red mouth you have as your icon?
ProvoCycl*st: LOL, yeah
[11:38] StenarHome: :)
[11:38] StenarHome: You don't need to buy one.
[11:39] StenarHome: Just pluck a poop log out of the toilet and put a big red mouth on it and you'll have your very own domokun creation.
[11:39] StenarHome: ;)
ProvoCycl*st: LOL
ProvoCycl*st: ewwwy!
[11:39] StenarHome: You'd love it as if it were your own child!


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