KSL is the Taliban of Utah

Salt Lake Tribune - Madonna may be crossed off local TV schedule:
Madonna's controversial depiction of a crucifixion during her worldwide concert tour won't be KSL's cross to bear if it airs on television in November.
The Mormon-owned TV station (Channel 5) has decided not to air an NBC broadcast of the pop singer's "Confessions Tour" concert if it includes a segment in which the Material Girl hangs on a mirrored cross wearing a crown of thorns.
"We make every effort to operate within the community standards," said KSL station manager Greg James. "This is clearly something that if the event occurs in that show it would - in my opinion - not be keeping within the [holiday] season and within community standards. And we would be compelled not to air the program."

I'm very tired of KSL acting like the Taliban of Utah and censoring what we can watch on TV. Just say no to censorship!

I doubt the controversial bits of her concert are even all that bad. People always work themselves up into a lather over things they haven't even seen.


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