My Candidates for the Anti-Christ

I was just flipping channels earlier and came upon a program on the History Channel that was talking all about the anti-Christ and the battle of Armageddon and all that Revelations shizz and it gave me the inspiration to write this list of my candidates for the anti-Christ, if you actually believe in such.

1. Pres. George W. Bush: I was shocked and amazed that throughout his first presidency, he pretty much did whatever the hell he wanted and didn't get in any trouble for it. Even more amazed that he got re-elected when all the polls showed the majority of the USA didn't care for him. I am frequently reminded of childhood stories of the former Soviet Union and how terrible it was with the state listening in on citizens' phone calls, secretly arresting them and locking them away, etc., and how much that sounds like the USA today. In his second administration, people are starting to question his activities, but he still seems to be getting away with it. And then he claims that he was chosen by god to be president. Never trust anyone who says that. Sounds exactly like something the anti-Christ would say to fool the fools.

2. Bill Gates: Microsoft seems to do whatever it wants and get away with being a monopoly and illegal acts which run their competitors out of business. Gates is a corrupt and evil individual who guides the philosophy of this behemoth. Not to mention they create the software that runs (or doesn't most of the time) 96% of the world's computers. Microsoft seems to be falling apart lately, so Gates maybe isn't the anti-Christ.

3. Meg Whitman: The CEO of eBay could easily be the anti-Christ. They say that in the last days the anti-Christ will control all buying and selling in the world. eBay seemed to be taking over all commerce a couple of years ago, but lately it doesn't seem like anyone is talking about eBay much any more. So, maybe not.

4. Eric Schmidt: Google's everywhere these days dabbling in everything and giving everyone a run for their money. They seem to be trying to take over the world, one Google product at a time. I think Schmidt, their CEO, is the evil mastermind behind their success.

5. Steve Jobs: Apple is insanely successful and Jobs seems to be taking over the entertainment world. I hope he's the anti-Christ 'cause I love Apple products and if he was the anti-Christ he'd make everyone use an Apple computer, which would probably make the world a better place, but looking at Apple's share of OS users and the fact that Apple use would actually be good for the world, means he's probably NOT the anti-Christ.

Yah, the more I think about it, I think Dubya must be the anti-Christ. In that History Channel program about Mr. Anti-Christie, they said the evil guy would start the big Armageddon war 7 years into his reign. I guess we have about 2 years 'til then.



I'm diggin' this blog I just found. Check it out. It's full of old flea market finds.


Musica Obscura

Check out my new music blog at: Musica Obscura
The inaugural entry is dedicated to music from Norway and is called "Little Norway, Big Music." It features band descriptions and links to songs from the following bands: Bel Canto, Lene Marlin, The September When, Savoy and Anneli Drecker. Give it a twirl. You won't be sad that you did.


The Theory of Actual Time vs. Man-Made Measurement of Time

I have a theory about time. That time is actually variable.
And that man-made measurement of time does not correspond exactly with what I call "Actual Time."
So, sometimes when it seems faster or slower than man-made measurements, it is because time actually is moving faster or slower than man-made measurements indicate.
Some people might argue that other factors make it seem faster or slower.
For example, if you're really busy, you don't notice the time flying by. But sometimes when you're busy time really still seems to drag.
AND I've notice the phenomenon over distances. Such as various friends in different places all commenting that time seems to be dragging or alternately going by really fast at specific times or on certain days.
Now, I'm not really any good at math or physics, so maybe some mathematical genius out there can come up with the mathematical formula to prove my idea of "Actual Time." But if you do, remember, you have to give me credit for the idea.