The Theory of Actual Time vs. Man-Made Measurement of Time

I have a theory about time. That time is actually variable.
And that man-made measurement of time does not correspond exactly with what I call "Actual Time."
So, sometimes when it seems faster or slower than man-made measurements, it is because time actually is moving faster or slower than man-made measurements indicate.
Some people might argue that other factors make it seem faster or slower.
For example, if you're really busy, you don't notice the time flying by. But sometimes when you're busy time really still seems to drag.
AND I've notice the phenomenon over distances. Such as various friends in different places all commenting that time seems to be dragging or alternately going by really fast at specific times or on certain days.
Now, I'm not really any good at math or physics, so maybe some mathematical genius out there can come up with the mathematical formula to prove my idea of "Actual Time." But if you do, remember, you have to give me credit for the idea.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice theory .
Like you , Im no maths or physics wizard , though I sometimes wonder if 'Actual time' exists at all . Could it be that time is just a man-made measurement between 2 points that has become manifest through the misdirection of science . Probably not , but I do like the idea that there may be something so simple , yet overlooked about the fundamentals of science that with the right , unscientific perspective , it could be realised by an absolute layman like myself :)

12/4/07 06:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it,s right there in front of you.

13/4/07 16:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think time is strictly a man-made thing. I think if humans didn't exist, time wouldn't exist at all. Sequence would keep the world spinning and the universe would keep going, but it would all happen in cycles.

26/3/08 15:58  
Anonymous Laini said...

What would characterize actual time? How would you describe it other than the common phenomena of common people having the same idea of whether its moving faster or slower?
Just wondering what you think,
I really like this theory.

8/12/08 14:10  

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