It's Official: IKEA coming to Utah!!!

Okay, so it's no longer just a well-publicized rumor. IKEA officially announced yesterday that they will be building a 310,000 s.f. IKEA store and restaurant in suburban Salt Lake City. This will be the first IKEA in the Rocky Mountain region and one of very few away from the U.S. coasts. HURRAH for UTAH and IKEA!!!

The store, scheduled to open in early 2007, will be built near the junction of I-15 and Bangerter Highway in Draper, Utah (about 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City). This is a rendering of what the Utah store will look like.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY! its about gosh darn time they came. Im pretty sure every gay man in utah and surrouding states released a squeal of glee when this news was read. I did ;)

1/12/05 10:47  

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