I've been sick for the past few days. That's no fun. I have some sort of flu and fever, etc. I didn't go to work yesterday, but I came in to work today. I wish I hadn't. I feel like crud. C'est la vie.

HURRAH! Today is January 5th, which means the season premiere of my favorite TV show is tonight: ALIAS. I love that show! And I love Jennifer Garner. I've gone through withdrawals not having seen her for so long. ;)

Jeremy, one of the guys from the gayRMs social group that I started a few years ago, is helping me plan new activities for the group. Our first activity of the new year is GAME NIGHT a week from tonight. That should be fun. Hopefully lots of people come to the activity.

It's odd planning activities beyond the Spring, though, because I am very possibly going to move to NYC in the Spring. If I can stop being a chicken about moving. ;)


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