Closet geek

So, the long-awaited season three premiere of Battlestar Galactica finally aired last week. I'm usually not really into sci-fi shows, but I was first curious about the new Battlestar Galactica series because I watched the original series as a kid back in the late 70s and early 80s.
Also, it doesn't hurt that the new show is a really well-written drama nor that it has one of the hottest casts on TV.
I was intrigued by the storyline for the season premiere. The obvious parallels were there between the humans resistance against the cylon occupation and the Iraqi resistance against U.S. occupation. Although, the TV show made you see the side of the humans (Iraqis) and sympathize with why they would stoop to terrorism to fight against their oppressors. There were also less obvious parallels with plight of the Palestinians and their oppression by the Israelis.
I thought it was interesting how a TV show could help one see the other side of the issue and make one sympathize with the side which most in the West wouldn't normally side with in the real world.
They even had the cylons talking about how they had come to help the humans. As if. As if the Bush administration really went to Iraq to help the Iraqis! :P
Anyway, I guess I'm a closet geek since I'm so in to Battlestar Galactica.