Ace Young Must Go!

I hate to admit that I've been watching American Idol religiously this season, but I love that Katharine McPhee. I guess I have McPheever 'cause she's clearly the best one on that show.
But now it's time for Ace Young to go. I couldn't believe Bucky got voted off last week before either Taylor or Ace got the boot. Ace may be cute, but he's traded on his looks long enough. This is a talent competition not a beauty contest. ACE YOUNG must go tonight! And then after that, Taylor must go. My prediction: Katherine, Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin will be in the final 3...but maybe, just maybe that little black girl, what's her name? Prince? Oh yah, Paris...she might be in the final three in Elliott's place. That is if the American people vote Elliott off just because he's one of the less attractive people on the show.