Utah is a Four-Letter Word

Utah's new slogan might as well be "Utah is a four-letter word" instead of "Life Elevated" since that's about all people outside Utah know about our state, that it has four letters in its name. According to a recent national survey about Utah, few people knew much of anything about the state.
Among other things, the Associated Press reports, "Most survey respondents associated Salt Lake City's mountainous skyline, its state Capitol and the distinctive spires of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' downtown temple with Colorado, just as they did with a summertime photo of a ski tram." D'oh! Tell me it isn't so. They thought the Salt Lake Temple was in Colorado??? Oh my!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay... sure I'll go with that ;)

Love the Spawn of Stan

13/6/06 09:58  

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