America, What Are You Doing?

First you vote to re-elect George W. Bush and THEN you kick cute little Kevin Covais to the curb on American Idol and not Taylor, the grey-haired weirdo!?? Please boot Taylor!!! FREAKER!! He's such a bad lounge act, people. I can't bear to look at him. For some odd reason, I feel compelled to watch American Idol this season. I've never previously watched it much, except a few times to see my home girl Carmen Rasmusen a few seasons ago. My favorite this season is Katherine McPhee. That girl can sing. Chris Daughtry is quite good, too. And I think Bucky has quite a bit of star charisma. I can't imagine why he was in the bottom three this week. :P


Anonymous Howard Fredrics said...

Er, ah, excuse me, but where does Eliot Yamin fit into all of this? He is a REAL musician's musician, with such a great voice and a real sense of style.
I loved Katherine McPhee's voice, but she's already hurtin' from misusing her voice. The reason Eliot didn't end up with a record deal afterwards is because he insulted Clive Davis's artist, Barry Manilow, when he said that he wasn't a fan of Barry's music.

2/4/07 18:41  

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