Pete Ashdown for President! errr... I mean Senate.

Send Pete for Beer! I mean to Congress. Did any of you ever see that "Send Enid Greene to Congress" billboard back in the day across from East High School? The one on which someone crossed out "to Congress" and wrote in "for Beer"? Good times.

Pete is the kind of bloke who could appreciate a good laugh like that. I mean, Pete has the "Party Palace" after all. Orrin Hatch? Seriously, can he really laugh at all?

But SERIOUSLY, can Orrin even represent Utah? First of all, he'd never lived in Utah 'til he decided to run for election from Utah back in 1976. 1976!! And then he promptly left Utah for Washington, D.C.. So, essentially, he's never actually lived in Utah.

Sure, some of you out there think he represents your values, but does he really? Just because he writes cheesy songs with Janice Kapp Perry does not mean he understands Utah.

And then there's the fact that he's just been in Congress so damn long. 1976, people!! Term limits, anyone? Please. Add to that the fact that Orrin is just a nutcake and how can you really vote for him?

But I'm not just advocating Petey because he's not Orrin Hatch. Pete has issues! Not that I'm that read up on his issues, but I'm sure he has them. I'll let Pete speak for himself on these. Here are a few notes from his website:
  • America should lead the world with innovation. Education and infrastructure for doing so should be a top priority. An Internet free from government control, taxation, and monitoring strengthens our economy.
  • The death penalty is not a deterrent for violent crime.
  • Copyright should protect artists and creators when they take action to request it. Instead, it is abused to the point that innovation is held back and very little falls into the public domain.
  • I propose what The Economist calls the "true" flat-tax, one that carries no exemptions, deductions, or loopholes.
  • Our ecological environment is the most important possession we pass down to our children. Loose controls on clean air and clean water are starting to come back to haunt us in the form of excessive mercury deposits in fish and game.
Geez! Okay, that's enough about content. Reading is hard, mmkay?

Just vote for Pete or go to his website if you want to read more. ;)

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