HURRAH!!! RSL Will Get No Tax Money from Salt Lake County!

Ever since it was announced that Real Salt Lake [RSL], the major league soccer franchise in Utah, had chosen Sandy over Salt Lake City to build its new stadium, I have been advocating that NO COUNTY TAXES be utilized to help them build the stadium in Sandy.
The reason I feel this way? Simply, Sandy City government officials (and legislators from Sandy) were completely dirty and underhanded in the way they convinced RSL to locate the stadium in Sandy.
If RSL had chosen Sandy purely on its own merits, that would be one thing, but they used all sorts of dirty tricks in the legislature to make it impossible for Salt Lake City to field a decent candidate site for the stadium. They basically got laws passed which made it impossible for SLC to compete.
In today's news, the Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that SL County Mayor Peter Corroon has announced that "the 'numbers just don't work' for county taxpayers, so he is ending negotiations with the Major League Soccer team.
That means RSL will not get the $35 million in public financing from the county to use toward land and infrastructure for the $145 million soccer-and-entertainment complex.
'For the citizens of Salt Lake County,' Corroon said, 'we didn't feel it was fiscally prudent.'"

I couldn't agree more, Mister Mayor.


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