The T-Shirt Blog

I recently created a new blog to tell about my T-shirt designs. Sometimes people wonder where I get my T-shirt ideas from, so my idea was to create The T-Shirt Blog where I'll post a new design every day with a description of how I came up with the idea.

Check it out: http://getkickedoffaplanewearingthis.blogspot.com/


Anonymous tshirt designer said...

Nice idea, be interesting as a fledgling designer to get some concepts.

8/6/06 05:32  
Anonymous Change Clothing said...

cool, I love tshirt blogs

3/12/06 20:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your URL :)
I've just started a t-blog too, good luck with yours I'm off to have a look!

27/12/06 20:14  
Anonymous amy said...

good idea! and I like this blog too, I hope you can post more articles here!

15/5/07 19:52  

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