I Really Mean It This Time

Last week, I said that Taylor Hicks needed to get kicked off American Idol, but I really mean it this time America! Taylor has an okay singing voice, not my style, but okay. The big problem with Taylor, though, is that he's just a karaoke singer. He's just the type who sings at weddings or in lounge bars. He's not a star. See, Elliot and Katharine lend their own style to the songs they sing. They make the songs their own. Taylor, on the other hand, tries his damnedest to imitate the orginal singer...and that's what karaoke is all about. That's what wedding singers do so well. That's not what stars and idols do. Taylor really needs to go home tomorrow night.
Katharine McPhee was AMAZING tonight. I loved it when Simon said she had the best performance of anyone in the entire competition up to that point after she sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." I am a huge fan of Katharine, but even I wasn't sure if she'd sing it right. Some people try and sing the song all happy and cheerful, but if you listen to Judy sing it, whom the song was written for, it's a very melancholy song. Katharine did it justice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, she did it justice with a capital 'J'.

I think I feel in love tonight.:)

16/5/06 19:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most polling on the subject indicates that Taylor has about two-thirds of the votes at the moment, with the remaining third divided between Elliot and Katharine -- with Elliot slightly ahead.

So while YOU may not like Taylor, it appears you're definitely in the minority -- and he's almost certainly going to win.

17/5/06 06:54  
Blogger Stenar said...

Yah, everyone said that about Chris Daughtry last week and look where that got him.

Although, I liked Chris overall, last week I said, if people voted based on performances, Chris is the one who ought to go home. And he did.

The same about Taylor last night. He sucked big time.

17/5/06 06:58  
Blogger fontgoddess said...

Taylor is a take-him-or-leave-him kind of singer. Very much like Willie Nelson - I like his voice but I can see how some would really get annoyed by it.

Anyway, it's a karaoke show. Yeah, it's high-class karaoke show, but as someone else on the internet stated, accusing an AI singer of karaoke is like accusing them of being on the show. Good thing I like cover versions.

17/5/06 07:35  
Blogger Stenar said...

While that may be true, regarding AI and them being karaoke singers, but just because one sings a cover of someone else's song does not mean you're a karaoke singer. There's a huge difference. I think Katherine and Elliott transcend karaoke while Taylor tries his hardest to BE a karaoke singer.

17/5/06 16:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watch part of an episode in an airport. America needs to wake up and focus elsewhere. None of these people will be remembered.

30/5/06 15:12  

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