Hatch Doesn't Believe in Democracy

Okay, so not only is Senator Hatch a NUTCAKE, he doesn't believe in DEMOCRACY, either.

According to an article in today's Deseret Morning News, Utah stands to gain another seat in the House of Representatives, to balance out Democratic-leaning D.C. FINALLY getting a vote in the House as well, which is proposed in a new bill.

But our beloved, senile old nutcake Hatch "supports the idea of Utah getting a fourth seat but has concerns over the District of Columbia getting a House vote." While it would be nice if the Deseret Morning News had the journalistic sense to have him explain what his issues with D.C. getting a vote are, it basically comes down to the fact that D.C. has no democratic representation and the tax-paying residents there deserve representation.

If Hatch has a problem with that, he doesn't believe in democracy.


Blogger T-Mac said...

DC is so under-represented anyway that this argument makes no sense.

12/5/06 11:56  
Anonymous Howard Fredrics said...

Most Republicans are basically hypocrites. Come to think of it, so are most Democrats these days. In fact, most people are just real, f--king hypocrites!!

So could you tell me how I could donate money the Republicrat People's Party?

2/4/07 18:35  

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