Phone Records and Poll Results

So, you're telling me, Mr. Bush, that 10-50 million Americans are associated with Al-Qaeda!? Get real, buddy. You're such a silly megalomaniac that you think God chose you to be president so you can do whatever you damn well please?

On NPR this evening, they were saying that the phone companies who gave records to the NSA could face penalties. What about BUSH!? He needs to be impeached, if not do jail time.

This all reminds me of the things we used to hear about Soviet Russia as a child: eavesdropping on phone calls, gulags, limits on civil freedoms, etc., etc.

Will someone please restore order. This is AMERICA!

Oh and tonight I read that Bush's approval rating has sunk another 6% in the Harris Poll down to 29% who think Mr. Bush is doing an “excellent or pretty good” job as president. While I think it's great that more Americans are waking up and seeing this guy for who and what he really is, I'd like to know who the fuckwits are who think he's actually doing an excellent or pretty good job.


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