So, here's this bloglet...

So, here I am writing in my new bloglet. I am really enjoying my new job. I've worked here about a month and a half. I am doing graphic design for XXXXXX (censored for privacy reasons). I am enjoying working here so far. My previous job doing graphic design for the not-so-Grand America Hotel was a nightmare. My boss there was a complete Dick...I mean his name is Richard.

Anyway, that's all behind me now. Thank god! I like this new place a lot. :)

Last night, my newish roommate informed me that he is getting back together with his ex-BF and moving out in order to move in with him. :( I'm sad because he's been a really good roommate AND I'm tired of the revolving door that has become the 3rd bedroom in my house. None of the roommates in that room have lasted longer than 6 months and the last four lasted 2 months, 2 months, 4 months and 4 months respectively. UGH! That's been the past year, basically.

Doesn't anyone want to live in my cute little house!?

Anyway, that's all I'm going to say in this inaugural bloglet.

Love ya,