Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead

HURRAH! Thank god we have at least one politician in Utah with some honesty, self-respect and willingness to represent the people and not his own pocketbook.

Today, Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon said it didn't make sense to gamble the public money on a new soccer stadium for Real Salt Lake. Of course, Dave Checketts had a hissy fit and acted all childish because we wouldn't just open our pocketbooks and hand him all our money.

I'd really like the public to finance my personal business, too, but it won't happen. Why does he deserve special privilege?

Dave Checketts said he'd sell the team and he'll have a buyer lined up by Friday. Another round of HURRAHS! Good riddance. We can do without the likes of Checketts in this town.


Anonymous John said...

Amen brother. I'm glad that they aren't supporting this thing. I doubt this soccer team would actually make us any money anyway. I can understand having a professional soccer team, but actually building a soccer stadium for them? Doesn't make sense to me. And the second reason I don't support Real Salt Lake is because they are heavily funded by a Multi Level Marketing company called XANGO. They sell their magical healing drinks for like $40 a bottle. What a joke.

I have a personal vendetta against MLM (and there are plenty here in Utah). That's why I tell everyone about this new movie called Believe The Movie. It is an award winning Comedy/Mockumentary about an MLM company called Believe. It is very funny! Check it out!

Stenar, you should blog about this movie.

17/2/07 19:10  

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