Keith Christensen is Not a Progressive

On Monday, Mayor Rocky Anderson held a joint press conference with Republican Keith Christensen to announce Christensen as Rocky's choice to replace him as mayor of Salt Lake City. This reminds me too much of eastern European dictators who announce their successors. If Rocky endorsed him after he'd already entered the campaign, that is one thing, but to announce it together like this just seems wrong in America.
The last time a Republican was elected mayor of Salt Lake City was in 1971. In an attempt to overcome that stigma against Republican mayors in Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson said party politics don't matter when selecting the best person for the job and said Keith Christensen is a progressive.
I'm sorry mayor, but obviously party politics do matter when selecting a mayor, otherwise a Democrat wouldn't have been elected every time over the past 35 years.
And most importantly, Christensen can't possibly be a progressive if he's a Republican. Republicans are the most regressive people in America.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your t-shirts are offensive. It's your choice to advocate such material but I hope that you're not motivated by hatred and anti-mormon sentiments.
My guess is you where raised LDS, decided to wander stange paths in your mind, decided to be the person you are now, and are wandering in a mist of darkness. I don't intend to offend you and if I have I apologize. You deserve everything you've been promised. It's my hope that valient men in this generation will stand up for truth in it's perfect nature and perpetuate it among all the hearts they're able to influence. Great testimonies result in overcoming personal weakness. We all have mighty weakness in some capasity, mine was alcohol, porn, and tabacco. It's said not to cast your pearls before swine- I would hope you accept this invitation to dust off your BoM and read Ether 12:27. Good luck friend.

14/3/07 20:36  
Blogger Stenar said...

Give me some ether and I might try that, but not a dusty old Book of Mormon! :P

14/3/07 22:33  
Blogger Stenar said...

My t-shirts are meant to be offensive. YAY! I succeeded. :)

14/3/07 22:33  
Blogger dgeurts said...

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20/3/07 15:46  
Blogger Stenar said...

Do you realize you just called me a "German" bag? If I'm any kind of bag, I'm a Norwegian bag.
Learn to spell, you douche.

20/3/07 19:02  

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