Calling on Evil Spirits

It seemed funny last week how I casually posted on the what ifs of Nancy Workman still being county overlord... errr... mayor, and how she would throw money at the RĂ©al Sandy soccer stadium. Then a few days later, she came forward to encourage residents to lobby the county in favor of the stadium. It was almost like my blog was an incantation to raise the dead.

We hadn't heard one peep out of her in months or maybe even a year and then suddenly after I mentioned her, there she was spewing forth into the public realm again.

Perhaps I was having a prescient moment when I thought about and later blogged about what it would be like if she was still large and in charge. Well, she's still large...

So, in honor of the former overlord and the dawn of the dead, I have written my own incantation to raise the dead Nancy Workman:

Do it for the kids
For the KIDS
Nancy Workman
For the kids
For the KIDS
Do it for the kids
Nancy Workman
Nancy Workman
For the kids
For the KIDS
Do it for the KIDS
Nancy Workman
Did I mention our soccer kids?
Our soccer kids

It's best to recite this incantation with arms raised and dancing in a circle.


Anonymous JackJack said...

I got dizzy and fell down.

Did it work?

6/7/06 14:21  
Blogger Satan said...

Thanks for your help Stenar darling!

6/7/06 15:43  
Blogger Stenar said...

Any time, Stan old man.

6/7/06 15:47  
Blogger sarahbellum said...

satan: isn't there anything you can do to keep nancy down? please?

stenar: great post!!

6/7/06 16:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Calling was used on KSL!

17/7/06 05:58  
Blogger Stenar said...

Who? What? Where? When was this on KSL??

19/7/06 08:30  

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