Religion a Branch of Politics

The great 9th century philosopher Abu Nasr al-Farabi once said that "religion was just another means of controlling the masses and should be viewed as a branch of politics."
This is especially evident when looking at the Republican party today.


Blogger Jeff said...

This is very true. Perhaps we should ask it the other way around, too... Could politics actually be a branch of religion? :-) I feel like politics and religion overlap on so many issues that to consider one without considering the implications and interactions with the other is ignorant. I think you are wrong to say that religion is about controlling the masses, however. The problem is, the highly visible forms of religion in society are of course the ones that succeed in controlling masses of people. The more individualistic, humble religion gets lost in the shuffle, but there are probably just as many of them.

a "Mormon Gnostic"

26/6/06 15:22  
Blogger Stenar said...

The literalist or hardline religions were always all about controlling the masses. The gnostic types never were.

26/6/06 16:55  

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