Rejoice! Rejoice!

So, the word on the street is that Rocky Anderson is going to announce tonight at his Town Hall meeting that he will not be seeking reelection as Salt Lake City's mayor. REJOICE! REJOICE!
I can hear the chanting now: "No more years! No more years!"


No Royal Treatment for Checketts

It occurred to me today where Dave Checkett's royal tantrum came from after the county council didn't bow to his wishes and give him our money to build his stadium.
It can all be summed up in the name of his soccer team.
Réal Salt Lake... or translated into English "Royal Salt Lake."
The fact that he named his team "royal" shows what he's thinking.
If his team is royal, he is the king. And now he's upset that his subjects are not bowing to his wishes and forking over their monetary tribute in the form of taxes to pay for his new stadium.
Fortunately for us, he's only king in his own mind, otherwise we'd have to start a new revolution to overthrow King Dave.


Jeffrey Nielsen is Not the Only Mormon for Gay Marriage!?

I received an email this morning from someone calling himself "Captain Moroni" with a link to the website: www.LDS4GayMarriage.net

The Captain wrote:
If you haven't visited our site recently, you'll see that we've added and updated our essays promoting civil same-sex marriage. With the elections soon coming up, our information may be of help to you in your efforts to secure equal civil rights for lesbians and gays. Our site promotes same-sex marriage from a doctrinal, libertarian, and common sense perspective. Please visit our site and offer any suggestions for improvement. Please consider putting a link to our site if you haven't done so as of yet. Help get the word out. Thanks.

Upon visiting their well-minded, but ugly website, I found some interesting points:
  • The Brethren have said that the ONLY official doctrine of the Church is the scriptures. They've stated that when the Brethren say things in accordance with the scriptures, that that is correct doctrine and when they say things not discussed in the scriptures, that they are simply expressing their private opinions and when they say things contrary to scripture, we are to ignore their words. Click here for references.
  • The Prophets HAVE said things that are wrong - Brigham Young saying that there were people on the moon and sun for example. Joseph Fielding Smith said that God would never permit man to travel to the moon or send spaceships to other planets. President Hinckley also forbade GA’s and missionaries traveling over the Y2k change due to the anticipated failures of a lot of electronics. Nothing happened anywhere in the world. Click here for references.
  • It is therefore clear that not everything coming from the mouths of the Brethren is given by inspiration and we are to only accept those sayings which agree with scripture.
  • The ONLY way for something contrary to scripture or not discussed in scripture to become official doctrine is for it to BECOME scripture.
  • The issue of whether to accept or reject the Church's policy on Civil Same-Sex Marriage is therefore whether or not it is in agreement with scripture.
  • D&C 134:4 and 1 Cor. 10:29 say that it is wrong for people to let their religion/morals prompt them to infringe upon the rights and liberties of others.
  • The D&C states that the Constitution was divinely inspired and set up to maximize personal freedom so that we can have the most freedom to exercise our agency (101:76-80) and any laws that violates constitutional principles are evil (98:6,7).
  • The Loving case, allowing mixed race marriages, showed that laws based on subjective morals are wrong.
  • The Court also stated that such laws violate the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution's Equal Protection clause which states that the laws of the land have to be applied equally to all and not be discriminatory.
  • Since Civil Same-Sex Marriage is clearly a right/liberty, opposing it is clearly contrary to scripture and therefore must be rejected per the clear teachings of the prophets.

They actually flesh out each of the points above. I'm just posting the highlights. For more in-depth info, visit LDS 4 Gay Marriage.


Send Orrin Down The Hatch!

Move your lazy hand over and click on this link, scroll down and then vote for Pete Ashdown.

If you do, Pete might get a nice big, fat check from Senator Barbara Boxer to help in his campaign to send Orrin down the Hatch.

You might not know this, but Pete Ashdown apparently organized the first underground rave dance party in Utah. This is the kind of person we need in the Senate! Before you get all whacked out about the evils of raves, I can attest, as someone who attended one of Pete's first raves in Utah, they were harmless good fun.

We need Pete! We don't need someone in the Senate like Hatch who gives cocaine users get out of jail cards.


Lose-Lose Deal

Go out of town for a few days and all hell breaks loose.

Republican Utah House Speaker Greg Curtis has finagled a deal to get county tax dollars for the Réal Sandy soccer stadium in exchange for providing an increase in ZAP taxes to raise money for a downtown cultural arts district. Isn't that called extortion?

Curtis needs to stop holding Utah taxpayer dollars hostage to fulfill his own plans. This needs to stop!

Curtis is clearly abusing his power in the Utah legislature when he uses extortion and backroom deals to take taxpayer dollars primarily raised in downtown Salt Lake City to enrich Sandy City.

I thought for sure Sandy voters would kick Curtis out of office after the Guzzlegate scandal that he was clearly in the center of a couple of years ago. But then Sandy keeps re-electing that dolt Tom Dolan as mayor, too. So, I guess that was too much to hope for.

Seriously though, we need to focus our attention on getting him voted out of office in the next election cycle.

Stop the insanity!


You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Apparently, Ann Coulter has been caught plagiarizing others' works in both her recent book and in her regular newspaper column.

You mean to tell me she couldn't make up all that hate speech!??

Hopefully, this is the nail in the coffin which finally gets her off the airwaves and her column canceled.

Oh! And she is under investigation for voter fraud in Florida, a third degree felony.

Syndicate May Look Into Alleged Coulter Plagiarism On Its Own ...

Olbermann hosted plagiarism expert to spell out allegations ...

Ann Coulter Voter Fraud


Calling on Evil Spirits

It seemed funny last week how I casually posted on the what ifs of Nancy Workman still being county overlord... errr... mayor, and how she would throw money at the Réal Sandy soccer stadium. Then a few days later, she came forward to encourage residents to lobby the county in favor of the stadium. It was almost like my blog was an incantation to raise the dead.

We hadn't heard one peep out of her in months or maybe even a year and then suddenly after I mentioned her, there she was spewing forth into the public realm again.

Perhaps I was having a prescient moment when I thought about and later blogged about what it would be like if she was still large and in charge. Well, she's still large...

So, in honor of the former overlord and the dawn of the dead, I have written my own incantation to raise the dead Nancy Workman:

Do it for the kids
For the KIDS
Nancy Workman
For the kids
For the KIDS
Do it for the kids
Nancy Workman
Nancy Workman
For the kids
For the KIDS
Do it for the KIDS
Nancy Workman
Did I mention our soccer kids?
Our soccer kids

It's best to recite this incantation with arms raised and dancing in a circle.