I've been sick for the past few days. That's no fun. I have some sort of flu and fever, etc. I didn't go to work yesterday, but I came in to work today. I wish I hadn't. I feel like crud. C'est la vie.

HURRAH! Today is January 5th, which means the season premiere of my favorite TV show is tonight: ALIAS. I love that show! And I love Jennifer Garner. I've gone through withdrawals not having seen her for so long. ;)

Jeremy, one of the guys from the gayRMs social group that I started a few years ago, is helping me plan new activities for the group. Our first activity of the new year is GAME NIGHT a week from tonight. That should be fun. Hopefully lots of people come to the activity.

It's odd planning activities beyond the Spring, though, because I am very possibly going to move to NYC in the Spring. If I can stop being a chicken about moving. ;)


I really ought to...

I really ought to write in this blog more often, but you know how it goes. Life gets busy.

I came out and finally admitted to myself that I was gay 6 years ago while I was living in NYC, but never came out to 2 or 3 friends when I moved back to Utah. I just never had any contact with them at all, for various reasons.

Anyway, this year I sent Holiday cards to Tom Rasmussen and Hollie (Backman) Churcher. Included with the card was a short letter detailing what I've been up to over the past 5-6 years that I've not been in touch. Also, I told them in the letter that I am gay (and never happier).

I'm sure Tom and his wife won't care, but I doubt that Hollie will accept that me being gay is a good thing. But that's her problem, not mine. I am very happy now.

So, it's now 2005. Time really flies. It seems like just yesterday, it was turning 2000. I've decided I want to go back to grad school to continue my studies in International Relations, continuing through to a PhD and become a college professor. Unfortunately, I only decided upon this course of action in the past couple of weeks, which is too late to apply for next Fall. I'll have to wait until next Fall to apply for the following year. BLAH!

In the meantime, I might move back to NYC in the Spring with my friend Chad. I haven't decided definitively, yet. I love the house I live in here in SLC, but there are many things I miss about living in NYC. Living in a tiny apartment in NYC is not one of them, though. I'm tired of living amongst the Mormons and especially the gay community in Utah, which is messed up from having grown up Mormon. I need to get out of Jesusland!!